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31st January Deadline Looms

Count down to 31st January 2014 when Tax Returns should be submitted to HMRC or face a fine…

From 1 November 2013 there are only 60 working days left!!!!…….

It’s the same every year, we write to clients all year offering a fixed fee quote to get their Tax Affairs completed in plenty of time before the deadline, we make no excuses for chasing we believe it is the right thing to do, but as always many leave it to the last minute and then wonder why they have little time to prepare for the inevitable tax bill due 31st January…

We have done well this year and although there are still a few outstanding we actually have a little bit of capacity for one or two more..

So if you know anyone struggling or if you yourself are finding the whole Tax return experience all a bit daunting, all you have to do is get in touch, we can meet up for a coffee, go through what needs to be done, offer a fixed fee quote and we promise to get your Return in by 31 January avoiding any of those horrid penalties and fines from the Revenue…

You can email me Kevin Whitehouse here

List of Useful Grants

Here is a list of Grants availiable at March 2013.  These are changing all the time, so this list is only a guide to what is avaliable, if you would like to discuss any of these with us, or if you need help in understanding the critieriea and form filling, please just contact us:

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RTI – Real Time Infomation a brief overview

The biggest change to the Inland Revenue PAYE system in 60 years…

Below are the answers to a few basic and common questions about the new Real Time Infomation scheme.  The Inland Revenue have issued Employers Bulletin no 42 which is a useful guide to further your reading, Click here to read it.

What changes will be made to the operation of PAYE using RTI?

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The Difference £3.5k Makes…

by Erica Wolfe-Murray, Lola Media Ltd

What does £3,500 buy you these days

-          a well-travelled second hand car ?

-          a decent holiday somewhere hot ?

-          a reasonable sofa and armchair ?

And if I told you that, not only were you going to be given the said £3+ grand by the government, but that it could totally revolutionise your world – more than a car, holiday or sofa ever will – the likelihood is you wouldn’t believe me.

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Business Fitness Assessment

With the Olympic opening ceremony fast approaching and all the athletes ensuring they are fit and ready, prime entry is asking all its clients…

“How fit is your business..?”

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Beware of Email Scams from HMRC

A warning has been issued by HMRC about possible fake or “phishing” emails sent out by fraudsters.  The period in the run-up to the tax credits renewal deadline often sees an increase in such attacks.

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According to the Taxman’s Budget Statement, Child Benefit won’t be subjected to tax but you might have to pay more tax if you or your partner receives it.  Tax double talk what does this all mean and does it affect you?

Taxman’s word games

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Up To 78% Tax Relief for New Company Investors

If you think you are a bit of an entrepreneur and you would like to get your hands on the Taxman’s generous new company start-up relief.
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The Taxman’s Internet Spy

The Inland Revenue will use a “web robot” to search out traders who aren’t registered and fine them.  What steps should new businesses take to make sure they’re not penalised?
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2011 Client Survey Results

Prime Entry Scores 94.86% in their online 2011 Client Satisfaction Survey

Drum Roll...

and the winner  is……

Miss Clare White from Poole in Dorset.
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Choosing an accountant, what the staff say…

When it comes to choosing a firm of accountants, bookkeepers or PAYE experts, the client needs to be sure they are going to be looked after, know that they are getting the best value for money and want to have a good working relationship..

So take a look at and see what the prime entry staff have to say about the business they work in…

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Launch of new leadership programme for 2012

Bournemouth University Centre for Enterprise (CfE) launches a new Leadership Programme.

This Programme will provide a platform for senior representatives of firms with growth aspirations to get together and share knowledge and experience, develop best practice and form close working relationships.

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Autumnn 2011 Statement from George Osborne

George Osborne delivered his autumn 2011 statement against a continual backdrop of negative economic news with many doom and gloom merchants forecasting that the UK along with other European countries will suffer a double dip recession.
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Gillingham accountants looking to do things differently

We have been looking at new technologies and how to expand our client base.  We are very customer focussed and always endeavour to meet our clients at their place of work, however we do have clients that are at opposite ends of the country and this works well for us; using cloud based accounting systems, skype conference calls etc so that we can undertake their accounting needs without the need for face to face meetings etc.

So do you think that small businesses who just want a cheaper service, i.e. year end accounts, tax returns and then a quick summary of key points and areas for consideration, all over the internet and for a fixed fee would be open to this option? Although less customer focussed for someone just needing the basics and very cost concious this could be good.

We are interested in offering something different to the market – feedback greatly appreciated


Improved Bookkeeping Equals an Improved Bank Account

HMRC is extending the new Business Records Checks initiative, following a pilot programme this year.  The taxman claims that research shows that poor business record-keeping usually leads to an under-declaration of tax.  HMRC reckon they can collect an extra £2M every year by focusing on SME’s poor business record-keeping.

In our experience poor bookkeeping leads to a poor bank account… If you need advice with your bookkeeping or know someone struggling, simply call us for a free quotation, you will be surprised that the cost of service can often pay for itself many tines over!

Pay your PAYE on time or you will get a penalty!

Late payments. Two weeks after the end of each tax month employers must pay their PAYE tax and NI. If you pay by bank transfer rather than by cheque, you get an extra 3 days to settle up. But what happens when the due date is on a weekend? In the past not a problem, you just got a little red demand, which you ignored and that was that.

The taxman can now charge a penalty for late payment for PAYE, even if it is due to the banking system and weekends.

So make sure you have updated your diary to ensure you don’t miss the date.

HMRC warns of surge in phishing – not fishing?

Scam emails:  The Taxman’s latest statistics show that a number of reported e-mails from fraudsters alleging to be from HMRC has increased 300%.  The scam artists are presumably achieving some success otherwise they wouldn’t persist.
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We have moved to new offices…

It is an exciting time at prime entry as 21st March 2011 sees our main office in Gillingham move to new premises.  After nearly 20 years in business working from a converted home office we have finally outgrown our surroundings and have now moved just a few short minutes up the road to:

Unit 20 Kingsmead Business Park,


Dorset, SP8 5FB

t: 01747 826989

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